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mall /mɔːl, mæl $ mɒːl/ noun [countable]

پیاده رو پردرخت وسایه دار ، تفرجگاه
Mall, The

1. a straight road in central London that connects Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. Whenever there is a royal wedding, funeral, or similar occasion, the royal family travels slowly along it, and many people come to watch. ⇒ compare Pall Mall

2. a park in Washington, D.C., which is surrounded by the Washington Monument and several famous museums, including the Smithsonian Institution. It is used for picnics, games, and concerts.

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I. mall S3 W3 /mɔːl, mæl $ mɒːl/ noun [countable] especially American English
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: mall 'long path used for playing a game called "pall-mall"' (17-19 centuries)]
a large area where there are a lot of shops, usually a covered area where cars are not allowed Synonym : shopping centre:
Let’s meet at the mall and go see a movie.
a huge new shopping mallstrip mall

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II. ˈshopping mall (also mall) noun [countable] especially American English
a group of shops together in one large covered building

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