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manifest /ˈmænəfest, ˈmænɪfest/ verb [transitive]

مانیفیست ، مانیفست ، بارنامه ، فهرست بارها ، لیست وسایل ، قطعنامه ، اظهارنامه ، صورت بار ، بازنمود کردن ، بارز ، اشکار ساختن ، معلوم کردن ، فاش کردن ، اشاره ، خبر ، اعلامیه ، بیانیه ، نامه ، بازرگانی: اظهار نامه ، فهرست بار کشتی ، ظاهر ، علوم هوایی: لیست همه مسافرین و بارها و محموله در یک پرواز ، علوم نظامی: لیست مسافرین
- obvious, apparent, blatant, clear, conspicuous, evident, glaring, noticeable, palpable, patent
- display, demonstrate, exhibit, expose, express, reveal, show
Antonyms: suggest
Contrasted words: implicit, obscure, adumbrate, shadow
Related Words: disclosed, divulged, revealed, told, evidenced, evinced, shown, noticeable, prominent, display, expose, express, utter, vent, voice

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I. manifest1 /ˈmænəfest, ˈmænɪfest/ verb [transitive] formal

1. to show a feeling, attitude etc:
The shareholders have manifested their intention to sell the shares.
manifest something in/as/through something
A dog’s protective instincts are manifested in increased alertness.

2. manifest itself to appear or to become easy to see:
His illness began to manifest itself at around this time.

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II. manifest2 adjective formal
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: manifestus 'seized by the hand']
plain and easy to see Synonym : obvious, patent:
a manifest error of judgment
be made/become manifest (=be clearly shown)
Their devotion to God is made manifest in ritual prayer.
—manifestly adverb:
a manifestly unfair system

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III. manifest3 noun [countable]
a list of passengers or goods carried on a ship, plane, or train:
the ship’s cargo manifest

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Document containing a full list of a ship's cargo that is extracted from the bill of lading. A copy, known as the outward manifest is kept with the Customs authorities at the port of loading. Another copy, known as the inward manifest is kept at the discharge port.

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