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mastery /ˈmɑːstəri $ ˈmæ-/ noun [uncountable]

اربابی ، سلطه
- expertise, finesse, know-how (informal), proficiency, prowess, skill, virtuosity
- control, ascendancy, command, domination, superiority, supremacy, upper hand, whip hand

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mastery /ˈmɑːstəri $ ˈmæ-/ noun [uncountable]

1. thorough understanding or great skill
mastery of
She possesses complete technical mastery of her instrument.

2. complete control or power over someone or something ⇒ master
mastery of/over
humankind’s mastery over the environment

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ADJ. absolute, complete, total | gradual Children show gradual mastery of reading in the first years at school.
practical, technical He plays the violin with technical mastery, but no feeling.
VERB + MASTERY have The allied bombers had total mastery of the skies.
demonstrate, display, show He shows complete mastery of the instrument.
achieve, acquire, attain, gain
PREP. ~ of He acquired mastery of four languages.
~ over The king had absolute mastery over the country.

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technical mastery
The technical mastery of the musicians is impressive.
complete/absolute mastery
His latest collection shows his complete mastery of painting with oils.
have mastery of something
She has complete mastery of her instrument.
show mastery of something
The author did not show mastery of psychological theory.
demonstrate mastery of something (=show mastery of something)
During the talk, he demonstrated his mastery of the issues.
gain/achieve mastery of something
He has definitely achieved mastery of this very difficult subject.
a sense of mastery (=the feeling that you can do something well )
Suggesting an activity that a child can do adds to the child's sense of mastery.

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