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match up phrasal verb (see also match)

1. match somebody/something ↔ up to put two people or things together that are related to or suitable for each other:
The employment agency exists to match up graduates and IT companies.
match somebody/something ↔ up with
My mother spent her life trying to match me up with various women.

2. if two things match up, they seem the same or are connected in some way:
Their accounts just don’t match up.
match up with
The DNA samples found on her body did not match up with a sample taken from the accused.

3. match up to sb’s hopes/expectations/ideals etc to be as good as you hoped, expected etc Synonym : measure up to:
Unfortunately, the product’s performance did not match up to the manufacturer’s promise.

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match up
match up (against (someone))
to have a chance to win in a competition against someone.
He was nominated because he matched up better against the governor.

With our team's experience, I think we match up well.

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