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means /miːnz/ noun (plural means)

توانایی ، دارایی ، استطاعت ، وسایل ، وسیله ، وسائل ، توانائی ، درامد ، دارائی ، علوم مهندسی: وسایل ، قانون ـ فقه: وسایل ، روانشناسی: وسیله ، علوم نظامی: درامد
[plural noun]
- method, agency, instrument, medium, mode, process, way
- money, affluence, capital, fortune, funds, income, resources, wealth, wherewithal
- by all means: certainly, definitely, doubtlessly, of course, surely
- by no means: in no way, definitely not, not in the least, on no account
English Thesaurus: method, way, means, approach, technique, ...

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means S2 W2 /miːnz/ noun (plural means)

1. METHOD [countable] a way of doing or achieving something
means of
For most people, the car is still their main means of transport.
The only means of communication was sign language.
The window was our only means of escape.
Do you have any means of identification?
art as a means of expression
Homework should not be used as a means of controlling children.
I had no means of telling him I would be late.
Brian was prepared to use any means to get what he wanted.
They had entered the country by unlawful means.
the means by which performance is assessed

2. MONEY [plural] the money or income that you have
have the means to do something
I don’t have the means to support a family.
Paying for your children to go to a private school is beyond the means of most people (=too expensive for most people).
Try to live within your means (=only spending what you can afford).
His father was a man of means (=a rich man).

3. by all means! spoken used to mean ‘of course’ when politely allowing someone to do something or agreeing with a suggestion:
‘Can I bring Alan?’ ‘By all means!’

4. by no means/not by any means not at all:
It is by no means certain that the game will take place.
She’s not a bad kid, by any means.

5. by means of something formal using a particular method or system:
The blocks are raised by means of pulleys.

6. a means to an end something that you do only to achieve a result, not because you want to do it or because it is important:
For Geoff, the job was simply a means to an end.

7. the means of production the material, tools, and equipment that are used in the production of goods
ways and means at way1(1)

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I. method of doing sth
ADJ. appropriate, best, effective, efficient, reliable, useful an effective means of mass communication
necessary, possible, practicable We will use every possible means to achieve our objective.
alternative, other War is famously ‘the continuation of policy by other means’.
conventional, traditional | legal, legitimate
VERB + MEANS have We have no means of knowing how they will react.
use | offer (sb), provide (sb with) My English teacher provided me with the means to enjoy reading poetry.
devise Can you devise a means of overcoming the problem?
PREP. by ~ (of) The stone was lifted by means of a rope and pulley.
through ~ They cannot achieve their goal through legal means.
~ for the means for achieving happiness
~ of a means of access/communication/transport a means of getting what you want
PHRASES a means to an end He saw his education merely as a means to an end.
by fair means or foul, by no means/not by any means (= not at all), ways and means There are ways and means of raising money.

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II. money/wealth
ADJ. independent, private She must have independent means to live in such style.
limited, moderate, modest, slender | visible people who lack visible means of support
VERB + MEANS have | lack
MEANS + NOUN test Eligibility for the benefit was determined by a means test.
PREP. according to your ~ (= according to what you can afford), beyond your ~ Private school fees are beyond the means of most people (= more than they can afford).
within your ~ (= according to what you can afford) She finds it difficult to live within her means.
PHRASES a man/woman of means (= a rich man/woman)

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an effective/efficient means
Speed bumps are an effective means of stopping cars from going too fast.
a useful means
Local radio is a useful means of advertising.
the only means
Then, horses and carts were the only means of transport available.
the best means
Is this really the best means of achieving our goal?
an important means
Surveys are an important means of gathering information.
lawful/legal means
Their protests will continue, but only by legal means.
unlawful/illegal means
He was accused of attempting to overthrow the government using unlawful means.
unfair means
Anyone trying to use unfair means in an examination will be reported to the University.
a means of transport British English, a means of transportation American English (=a way of travelling, for example using a car, bus, bicycle etc)
The tram is an efficient means of transport.
a means of communication (=a way of talking to someone, for example by phone, writing etc)
Newspapers are still an important means of communication.
a means of expression (=a way of expressing your feelings or opinions)
Music and art are important means of expression.
a means of identification (=an official document that shows who you are)
Do you have any means of identification?
the means of production (=factories and equipment used for producing goods - used especially in Marxism)
the class of people which owns the means of production
the end justifies the means (=the result you achieve is more important than the way you do it)
It’s too bad if people get hurt - the end justifies the means.
a means to an end (=something you do only to achieve a result, not because you want to do it or because it is important)
Many of the students saw the course as a means to an end: a way of getting a good job.
(whether) by fair means or foul (=using unfair methods if necessary)
They were determined to achieve victory, by fair means or foul.
have no/any/some means of doing something
There was no path, and they had no means of knowing where they were.
use any/every means to do something (=use any method or many methods)
He will use any means to get what he wants.

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BAD: He was determined to get the money by all means.
GOOD: He was determined to get the money by whatever means.
BAD: They intend to become famous by all means, even if they have to risk their lives.
GOOD: They intend to become famous by whatever means, even if they have to risk their lives.

Usage Note:
By all means (= certainly) is used in formal spoken English to show that you are happy to accept someone's request or suggestion: 'Would you mind if I stayed a bit longer?' 'By all means.'
When you mean 'by using any method, even if it is unkind or illegal', use by any means or by whatever means (are available/necessary) : 'They are determined to get their hands on the property by whatever means are necessary.'

BAD: Learning English is a means to improve one's career prospects.
GOOD: Learning English is a means of improving one's career prospects.

Usage Note:
means of (doing) sth = a way or method: 'It's time we stopped using force as a means of settling disputes.' 'There must be an easier means of gaining their confidence.'
means to do sth (or means of doing sth ) = the thing that is required or necessary (to make something possible): 'These people have lost the means to support their families.' 'They would like to stop the war but lack the means to do so.'

BAD: By no means I want to suggest that people like being unemployed.
GOOD: By no means do I want to suggest that people like being unemployed.

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