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meddle /ˈmedl/ verb [intransitive]

فضولی کردن ، دخالت بیجا کردن ، مداخله کردن ، مخلوط کردن ، امیختن ، پراکنده کردن ، جماع کردن ، ور رفتن ، میان ، مرکز ، کمر ، میانی ، وسطی ، در وسط قرار دادن
Synonyms: interfere, butt in, intervene, intrude, pry, tamper
Contrasted words: disregard, ignore, neglect, omit, overlook, slight, avoid, eschew, shun
Related Idioms: put (or shove or stick) one's oar in, stick one's nose into
Related Words: intervene, intrude, invade, obtrude, pry, snoop, trespass
English Thesaurus: interfere, meddle, intrude, butt in, pry, ...

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meddle /ˈmedl/ verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: mesler, medler, from Latin miscere 'to mix']

1. to deliberately try to influence or change a situation that does not concern you, or that you do not understand Synonym : interfere
meddle in
I don’t like other people meddling in the way I run this prison.
He accused the US of meddling in China’s internal affairs.
meddle with
I’m not the sort of newspaper owner who meddles with editorial policy.

2. British English to touch something which you should not touch, especially in a careless way that might break it
meddle with
You have no right to come in here meddling with my things.
—meddler noun [countable]
—meddling noun [uncountable]
—meddling adjective [only before noun]:
meddling politicians

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