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meeting /ˈmiːtɪŋ/ noun [countable]

مجمع ، اتصال برخورد ، تلاقی وسائط نقلیه ، جنگ تن به تن ، جلسه ، نشست ، انجمن ، ملاقات ، میتینگ ، اجتماع ، تلاقی ، همایش ، معماری: برخوردها ، قانون ـ فقه: جلسه ، میتینگ ، ورزش: یک دوره مسابقه ، علوم نظامی: جلسه
- encounter, assignation, confrontation, engagement, introduction, rendezvous, tryst
- conference, assembly, conclave, congress, convention, gathering, get-together (informal), reunion, session
Related Words: congress, moot
English Thesaurus: meeting, conference, convention, rally, summit, ...

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meeting S1 W1 /ˈmiːtɪŋ/ noun [countable]

1. an event at which people meet to discuss and decide things:
We’re having a meeting next week to discuss the matter.
at a meeting
I’ll raise the matter at the next meeting.
in a meeting
She said that Mr Coleby was in a meeting.
meeting about/on
There was a public meeting about the future of the gallery.
meeting with
I’ve got a meeting with Mr Edwards this afternoon.
meeting of
a meeting of senior politicians
meeting between
a meeting between unions and management

2. the meeting formal all the people who are at a meeting:
I’d like to put a few ideas before the meeting.

3. [usually singular] when people meet each other by chance or because they have arranged to do this:
I had felt drawn to Alice ever since our first meeting.

4. a sports competition or a set of races for horses

5. meeting of minds a situation in which two people have very similar ideas and understand each other very well:
There was a real meeting of minds between the two leaders.

6. an event at which a group of Quakers (=a Christian religious group) pray together

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I. when people come together to discuss/decide sth
ADJ. frequent, regular | annual, biennial, half-yearly, monthly, quarterly, weekly, etc. | all-day, hour-long, two-hour, etc. | afternoon, breakfast, lunchtime, weekend, etc. | full, plenary | formal, informal | inaugural | mass | open-air | open, public | closed, private | secret | joint Management have called a joint meeting with staff and unions.
general The society is holding its Annual General Meeting in the conference room next Monday.
face-to-face, personal | bilateral, trilateral, tripartite | high-level, summit, top-level | exploratory, initial, introductory, preliminary, preparatory | follow-up | extraordinary, special | crisis, emergency, urgent | crucial, decisive, key, vital | impromptu | pre-inquiry, pre-session, pre-summit, etc. | post-election, post-results, etc. | board, cabinet, committee, council, departmental, family, ministerial, shareholders', staff, team, union | inter-governmental, inter-ministerial, inter-party, inter-tribal, etc. | business | political | discussion | protest | prayer | brief | endless, interminable, long We had endless meetings about the problem. The meeting seemed interminable.
angry, difficult, stormy | fruitless, inconclusive | successful, valuable
QUANT. series
VERB + MEETING have, hold | arrange, call, convene, organize, schedule, summon The committee has called a meeting to discuss the president's death.
attend | declare open, open The chairman declared the meeting open.
close, declare closed | adjourn, break up | call off, cancel | postpone | host | chair, conduct, preside over I've got to chair a meeting tomorrow.
call to order The chairman called the meeting to order.
participate in | address He always spoke as if he were addressing a public meeting.
ban | boycott | disrupt
MEETING + VERB go ahead, take place It is unclear whether the meeting will go ahead as planned.
be aimed at sth a meeting aimed at restoring peace in the region
begin, open, proceed, start | adjourn The meeting adjourned for coffee at eleven.
break up The meeting broke up after a row over whether to allow cameras in.
close, end The meeting closed on a sour note.
vote The meeting voted 423?133 in favour of a strike.
discuss sth | agree to sth, approve sth | condemn sth | urge sth This meeting urges the company to reconsider its decision to close the factory.
express sth The meeting expressed concern that the problem had still not been addressed.
hear sth The meeting heard that two workers had been sacked on the spot with no official reason given.
conclude sth, decide sth, resolve sth | drag (on) The meeting dragged into the early hours of the next day.
MEETING + NOUN house, place
PREP. in a/the ~ I'm afraid Mrs Haley is in a meeting at the moment.
~ about a meeting about the plans for a new road
~ between a meeting between tutors and students
~ for a meeting for parents
~ over Directors called a crisis meeting over the future of the company.
~ with a meeting with French officials
PHRASES the purpose of a meeting, the minutes of a meeting The secretary circulated the minutes of the previous week's meeting to all committee members.
the outcome/result of a meeting

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II. coming together of two or more people
ADJ. accidental, chance, unexpected | fateful | clandestine, secret | historic, unprecedented | emotional | romantic
PREP. ~ with I had a chance meeting with an old schoolfriend last week.

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have a meeting
I had a long meeting with my manager.
hold a meeting formal (=have a meeting)
The meetings are usually held on a Friday. 
go to a meeting (also attend a meeting formal)
All staff members are expected to attend the meeting.
call a meeting (also convene a meeting formal) (=arrange a meeting)
The board has the power to convene a general meeting if necessary.
chair a meeting (also preside over a meeting formal) (=lead it)
The meeting was chaired by Professor Jones of the University of York.
open a meeting (=begin it)
There was disagreement about opening the meeting with a prayer.
close a meeting (=end it)
He closed the meeting by saying, ‘I think we have made great progress.’
address a meeting (=speak to the people at a meeting)
A member of Greenpeace addressed the protest meeting.
adjourn a meeting (=make it stop for a period of time)
This meeting is adjourned until tomorrow.
a committee/staff/board etc meeting
A staff meeting will be held at 3 p.m.
an annual meeting (=an important meeting held once a year)
the annual meeting of the British Medical Association
a monthly/weekly meeting
a routine weekly meeting with the managing director
a public/open meeting (=that anyone can go to)
A public meeting was held to discuss the proposal to build a new school.
a general meeting especially British English (=that anyone, or anyone in a particular organization, can go to)
The annual general meeting of the rugby club was held last night.
a private/closed meeting (=that only a few people are allowed to go to)
The senator attended a private meeting with the president.
a summit meeting (=between leaders of governments)
The Prime Minister is in Paris for a European summit meeting.
a business meeting
He had to go into town for a business meeting.
a protest meeting
Anti-road campaigners are holding a protest meeting today.
an emergency/urgent meeting
The Council has called an emergency meeting to decide what action to take.

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