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membership /ˈmembəʃɪp $ -ər-/ noun

عضویت ، قانون ـ فقه: عضویت ، روانشناسی: عضویت ، بازرگانی: عضویت
- members, associates, body, fellows
- participation, belonging, enrolment, fellowship

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membership S2 W2 /ˈmembəʃɪp $ -ər-/ noun

1. [uncountable] when someone is a member of a club, group, or organization
membership of
Greece first applied for membership of the EU in 1975.
membership in American English:
I forgot to renew my membership in the sailing club.
You should carry your membership card with you at all times.
Membership fees are being increased this year.

2. [singular also + plural verb British English] all the members of a club, group, or organization:
The membership voted to change the rules about women members.

3. [singular] the number of people who belong to a club, group, or organization:
We’re trying to increase our membership.
The club has a membership of 200.

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ADJ. associate, corporate, full, honorary, temporary | club, party, union to apply for union membership
VERB + MEMBERSHIP apply for | renew | grant sb | resign He has resigned his membership of the club.

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apply for membership (=officially ask to be a member)
To apply for membership, simply return the attached form.
renew your membership (=become a member again for another period of time)
Please renew your membership by January 15.
terminate somebody's membership (=stop someone being a member)
His membership was terminated for 'unprofessional conduct'.
be granted membership (=be accepted as a member)
Montenegro was granted membership of the UN in 2006.
be refused membership (=not be accepted as a member)
She was refused membership of the club because she was a woman.
somebody's membership expires/lapses (=it comes to an end)
We will send you a letter when your membership is about to expire.
gym/union/party etc membership (=membership of a particular group)
How much do you pay for your gym membership?
full membership (=with all the rights that are allowed to members)
Poland was eager to gain full membership in the European Union.
associate membership (=with only some of the rights allowed to members)
In the early 1990s, the Soviet Union was offered associate membership of the International Monetary Fund.
honorary membership (=having been given membership as an honor)
His work won him honorary membership of the London Medical Society.
membership card
You will need a valid membership card to enter the Sports Centre.
a membership fee (also membership dues) (=money you must pay to become a member)
The current annual membership fee is £20.

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