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menu /ˈmenjuː/ noun [countable]

منو ، فهرست خوراک ، صورت غذا ، فهرست انتخاب ، کامپیوتر: فهرست انتخاب
الکترونیک: منو ، فهرست انتخاب ، کامپیوتر: فهرست خوراک ، صورت غذا، فهرست انتخاب کامپیوتر: منو

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Synonyms: bill of fare, carte du jour, tariff (chiefly Brit.)
Related Idioms: bill of fare

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menu S3 /ˈmenjuː/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: French; Origin: menu 'small, full of details', from Latin minutus; minute2]

1. a list of all the kinds of food that are available for a meal, especially in a restaurant:
Could we have the menu, please?
on the menu
Is there any fish on the menu?
a three course set menu (=dishes which you do not choose for yourself)

2. a list of things on a computer screen which you can ask the computer to do:
Select PRINT from the main menu.
pull-down/drop-down menu (=a list of choices which appears when you CLICK ON a place on the screen)
menu-driven (=operated by using a menu)

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I. list of dishes
ADJ. extensive | varied | daily | fixed price, set, table d'hote | a la carte | three-course, etc. | traditional | breakfast, dinner, lunch | bar, pub, restaurant | dinner-party | fish, vegetarian
VERB + MENU consult, have, look at, read, see, study May we have the menu?
do, have, offer Many restaurants do a very reasonable set menu at lunchtime.
choose (sth) from, order (sth) from | plan
MENU + VERB offer sth a menu offering many vegetarian dishes
MENU + NOUN board The chef was chalking the daily specials on the menu board.
PREP. on the ~ What's on the menu this evening?
PHRASES a choice of menu Passengers are offered a daily choice of menu.

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II. on a computer
ADJ. pop-up, pull-down | main | sub | edit, file, options, etc.
VERB + MENU select sth from
MENU + NOUN bar | item, option
 ⇒ Special page at COMPUTER

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read/study the menu
Sandy read the menu, but didn’t see anything he wanted to eat.
look at/see the menu (=read the menu)
He looked at the menu and decided to have the salad.
plan a menu (=decide what foods will be served)
Erika began planning a menu for the dinner party.
choose/order something from the menu
He ordered a chicken dish from the menu.
offer a menu
The restaurant is offering a three-course menu for New Year’s Eve.
have a good/long/unusual etc menu
The new restaurant on Fifth Street has an excellent menu.
extensive (=with many different dishes on it)
The menu is extensive and adventurous.
a dinner/lunch/breakfast menu
There is an extensive dinner menu, and seafood is a speciality.
a set/fixed menu (=when the cook decides which dishes will be served to you, rather than you choosing for yourself)
Dinner is three courses from a set menu.
an à la carte menu (=a menu listing many separate dishes which you choose from)
In the evening there is a full à la carte menu.
a children’s menu
I asked the waiter if there was a children’s menu.

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BAD: For the main menu we had fish, rice and vegetables.
GOOD: For the main course we had fish, rice and vegetables.

Usage Note:
Meal A meal is the food that you eat at about the same time each day: ‘After the meal we went to a discotheque.’ ‘We usually have our main meal in the evening.’
Menu A menu is a list of all the things that you can order in a restaurant: ‘I tried to read the menu but it was all in French.’ ‘Is there any fish on the menu?’
Course A meal may be served in separate stages. Each stage is called a course: ‘The main course was disappointing, but the dessert was excellent.’ ‘I’m not hungry enough to eat a three-course meal.’
Dish A dish is (1) the food prepared in a particular way and served as a meal or part of a meal: ‘My favourite Italian dish is lasagne.’ ‘For the main course there were six different meal dishes to choose from.’
(2) a (usually shallow) container that food is placed in and then cooked or served: ‘I hope this dish is ovenproof!’
The dishes The dishes is a collective term for all the plates, bowls, cups, etc, that are used during a meal: ‘Whose turn is it to wash the dishes tonight?’
Plate A plate is (1) a (usually round) flat object that food is placed on, especially just before it is eaten: ‘All the clean plates are still in the dishwasher.’ ‘I’d never seen anyone put so much food on their plate.’
(2) (also plateful ) the amount of food on a plate: ‘How can you eat two large plates of spaghetti and still feel hungry?’

BAD: My favourite menu is cheese and mushroom omelette.
GOOD: My favourite dish is cheese and mushroom omelette.

Usage Note:
See Language Note above

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