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merely /ˈmɪəli $ ˈmɪrli/ adverb

فقط ، صرفا" ، محضا"
Synonyms: just, but, only, simply

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merely S3 W2 /ˈmɪəli $ ˈmɪrli/ adverb

1. used to emphasize how small or unimportant something or someone is Synonym : only:
He’s merely a boy – you can’t expect him to understand.

2. used to emphasize that nothing more than what you say is involved Synonym : just:
We’re merely good friends.
He merely shrugged and walked away.

3. not merely/rather than merely used before the less important of two ideas in a sentence to emphasize the more important idea:
It’s not merely a matter of cost, but whether she’s old enough to go on holiday alone.
It’s important to write these goals down, rather than merely think about them.

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