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FORMAL vocabulary

mete /miːt/ verb

(n.) خط مرزی ، کرانه ، سنگ مرزی ، سرحد
(n.vt.&vi.) اندازه گرفتن ، پیمودن ، سهم دادن ، پیمانه
Synonyms: distribute, administer, apportion, assign, deal, dispense, dole, portion

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mete /miːt/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: metan 'to measure']
mete something ↔ out phrasal verb formal
if you mete out a punishment, you give it to someone
mete something ↔ out to
He felt he had a right to mete out physical punishment to the children.
Judges are meting out harsh sentences for car theft.

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