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mild /maɪld/ adjective (comparative milder, superlative mildest)
mild noun [uncountable]

ملایم ، سست ، مهربان ، معتدل ، علوم مهندسی: نرم ، روانشناسی: خفیف
- gentle, calm, docile, easy-going, equable, meek, peaceable, placid
- bland, smooth
- calm, balmy, moderate, temperate, tranquil, warm
Antonyms: fierce, harsh
Contrasted words: intense, severe, sharp, vehement
Related Words: choice, dainty, delicate, exquisite, moderate, temperate, benign, benignant, docile, meek, subdued, submissive, deferential, obeisant, subservient
English Thesaurus: delicious, disgusting/revolting, sweet, tasty, sour/tart, ...

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I. mild1 /maɪld/ adjective (comparative milder, superlative mildest)
[Language: Old English; Origin: milde]

1. WEATHER fairly warm Antonym : cold:
We had an exceptionally mild winter last year.
a mild climate

2. ILLNESS a mild illness or health problem is not serious:
He suffered a mild heart attack.
Sometimes the symptoms can be quite mild.
a mild case of food poisoning
a mild form of diabetes

3. FEELINGS a mild feeling is not very strong:
Both men looked at her in mild surprise.
a feeling of mild irritation

4. FOOD/TASTE not very strong or hot-tasting:
a mild curry
a cheese with a pleasant mild flavour

5. CRITICISM a mild criticism does not criticize strongly

6. PROBLEMS/SITUATIONS not serious enough to cause much suffering:
The recession in Germany has been comparatively mild.
a mild setback

7. PEOPLE a mild person has a gentle character and does not easily get angry:
a mild, well-mannered man
His voice was soft and mild.

8. DRUGS/CHEMICALS a mild drug or chemical does not have a very strong effect:
a mild painkiller
a mild herbicide

9. SOAP ETC soft and gentle to your skin:
a mild shampoo

10. LANGUAGE mild words or language are not very rude or offensive:
I heard him mutter a mild swear word.mildly
—mildness noun [uncountable]

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II. mild2 noun [uncountable]
British English dark beer with a slightly sweet taste ⇒ bitter

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I. not very cold
VERBS be | turn Towards the end of the week the weather turned very mild.
ADV. very | quite, relatively It's quite mild for the time of year.
surprisingly, unseasonably, unusually The late summer air was surprisingly mild.

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II. not severe or strong
VERBS be, seem The infection seems quite mild, so she should be better soon.
ADV. very | comparatively, fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably, relatively a fairly mild flavour

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III. gentle and kind
VERBS be, sound His voice was deceptively mild.
ADV. seemingly | deceptively

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