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mirage /ˈmɪrɑːʒ $ məˈrɑːʒ/ noun [countable]

سراب ، کوراب ، نقش بر اب ، امر خیالی ، وهم ، معماری: سراب
Synonyms: illusion, hallucination, optical illusion

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mirage /ˈmɪrɑːʒ $ məˈrɑːʒ/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: French; Origin: mirer; mirror1]

1. an effect caused by hot air in a desert, which makes you think that you can see objects when they are not actually there

2. a dream, hope, or wish that cannot come true Synonym : illusion:
Perhaps we are just chasing a mirage.

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VERB + MIRAGE see | chase (figurative) Perhaps we are all just chasing a mirage.
MIRAGE + VERB vanish

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