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misery /ˈmɪzəri/ noun (plural miseries)

بدبختی ، بیچارگی ، تهی دستی ، نکبت ، پستی
- unhappiness, anguish, depression, desolation, despair, distress, gloom, grief, sorrow, suffering, torment, woe
- moaner, killjoy, pessimist, prophet of doom, sourpuss (informal), spoilsport, wet blanket (informal)
Antonyms: blessedness
Contrasted words: beatitude, blessedness, bliss, felicity, happiness, content, ease, satisfaction
Related Words: agony, anguish, despondency, grief, sorrow, desolation, squalor, adversity, misfortune, dejection, depression, melancholy, sadness
English Thesaurus: sadness, unhappiness, sorrow, misery, despair, ...

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misery S3 /ˈmɪzəri/ noun (plural miseries)
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: miserie, from Latin miseria, from miser; miser]

1. [uncountable and countable] great suffering that is caused for example by being very poor or very sick:
What we are witnessing here is human misery on a vast scale.
the misery of unemployment
the miseries of war

2. [uncountable and countable] great unhappiness:
She looked away so that Tom wouldn’t see her misery.
His face was a picture of sheer misery. (=great unhappiness, with no other emotion)
The news plunged him into abject misery (=extreme unhappiness).

3. make sb’s life a misery British English to cause so much trouble for someone that they cannot enjoy their life:
Competitive mothers can make their daughters’ lives a misery.

4. put something/somebody out of their misery
a) informal to make someone stop feeling worried, especially by telling them something they are waiting to hear:
Go on, put them out of their misery and announce the winner.
b) to kill a sick or injured animal in order to end its suffering Synonym : put down:
I think you should put the poor creature out of its misery.

5. [countable] British English spoken someone who is always complaining and never enjoys anything:
Don’t be such a misery.
What’s the matter with you, misery guts (=a name for someone like this)?

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ADJ. abject, deep, extreme, great, real, sheer, untold This phobia can cause untold misery for the sufferer.
complete Her misery was made complete when she was separated from her children.
personal | human | economic the country's economic misery
VERB + MISERY be full of, be wrapped (up) in, endure, feel, live in, sink into, suffer He was too wrapped in misery to reply. I sank deeper into my misery. men who suffer the misery of unemployment
bring (sb), cause (sb), create The money brought him nothing but misery.
add to, heap, prolong War has now added to the misery of these starving people. The giant-killers heaped more misery on the home team.
alleviate, ease, relieve ways to alleviate human misery
put sb/sth out of In the end we asked the vet to put the poor creature out of its misery (= kill it humanely). (humorous) Oh, put her out of her misery?tell her who won.
spare sb At least we were spared the misery of having to do it all again.
PREP. ~ of the sheer misery of homelessness
PHRASES a feeling of misery, make sb's life a misery His constant criticism made her life a misery.

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