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miss   out  

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miss out phrasal verb (see also miss)

1. to not have the chance to do something that you enjoy and that would be good for you:
Some children miss out because their parents can’t afford to pay for school trips.
miss out on
Prepare food in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun!

2. miss somebody/something ↔ out British English to not include someone or something:
Make sure you don’t miss any details out.

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miss out
miss out (on (something))
to fail to use or enjoy an opportunity.
Other people my age are married and have families, and I am beginning to feel I am missing out.

We missed out on a chance to get a cheaper mortgage.

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miss out
v., informal To fail; lose or not take a good chance; miss something good.
Jim's mother told him he missed out on a chance to go fishing with his father because he came home late.
You missed out by not coming with us; we had a great time.
Compare: LOSE OUT.

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