moldy ●○○○○
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moldy /ˈməʊldi $ ˈmoʊl-/ adjective
mouldy , moldy /ˈməʊldi $ ˈmoʊl-/ adjective

کپک زدگی ، بوزک
Synonyms: old-fashioned, antiquated, archaic, bygone, dated, moth-eaten, old hat, outdated, passé, rococo

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I. moldy /ˈməʊldi $ ˈmoʊl-/ adjective
the American spelling of mouldy

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II. mouldy British English, moldy American English /ˈməʊldi $ ˈmoʊl-/ adjective
covered with mould:
mouldy cheese
go mouldy British English (=become mouldy)
The bread’s gone mouldy.

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