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monstrous /ˈmɒnstrəs $ ˈmɑːn-/ adjective

غول پیکر ، هیولا
- unnatural, fiendish, freakish, frightful, grotesque, gruesome, hideous, horrible
- outrageous, diabolical, disgraceful, foul, inhuman, intolerable, scandalous, shocking
- huge, colossal, enormous, immense, mammoth, massive, prodigious, stupendous, tremendous
Contrasted words: mean, petty, picayune, poky, small-time
Related Words: grandiose, impressive, magnificent, showy, splendid, superb, colossal, enormous, huge, immense, mammoth, vast, glaring, rank, fateful, ominous, portentous, flagitious, infamous

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monstrous /ˈmɒnstrəs $ ˈmɑːn-/ adjective

1. very wrong, immoral, or unfair:
It’s monstrous to charge that much for a hotel room.
Such monstrous injustice is hard to understand.

2. unusually large:
a monstrous nose

3. unnatural or ugly and frightening Synonym : hideous:
a monstrous shadow on the stairs
—monstrously adverb:
He was ugly and monstrously fat.
It was monstrously unfair.

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