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moor /mʊə $ mʊr/ noun [countable usually plural]

زمین بایر ، دشت ، لنگر انداختن ، اهل شمال افریقا ، مسلمان ، بازرگانی: لنگر انداختن

: moor (to)

معماری: مهار کردن

: moor 1

علوم دریایی: دو لنگر انداختن

: moor 2 (usn)

علوم دریایی: به اسکله بستن
Synonyms: moorland, fell (Brit.), heath
Synonyms: tie up, anchor, berth, dock, lash, make fast, secure

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Moor noun [countable]
one of the Muslim people from North Africa who entered Spain in the 8th century and ruled the southern part of the country until 1492

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I. moor1 /mʊə $ mʊr/ noun [countable usually plural]
[Language: Old English; Origin: mor]
especially British English a wild open area of high land, covered with rough grass or low bushes and heather, that is not farmed because the soil is not good enough:
They went grouse shooting up on the moors.
the Yorkshire moors

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II. moor2 verb [intransitive and transitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: Probably from Middle Low German moren]
to fasten a ship or boat to the land or to the bottom of the sea using ropes or an anchor:
Two or three fishing boats were moored alongside the pier.

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ADJ. barren, bleak, desolate, open, wild, windswept
PREP. across the ~ the wind blowing across the moors
down from the ~ the slopes leading down from the moor
on the ~ We got lost on the moors.
over the ~ Don't walk over the moors in bad weather.
PHRASES the edge of the moor

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