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moreover /mɔːrˈəʊvə $ -ˈoʊvər/ adverb [sentence adverb]

علاوه بر این ، بعلاوه
Synonyms: furthermore, additionally, also, as well, besides, further, in addition, too

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moreover W2 /mɔːrˈəʊvə $ -ˈoʊvər/ adverb [sentence adverb] formal
in addition – used to introduce information that adds to or supports what has previously been said:
The rent is reasonable and, moreover, the location is perfect.
The source of the information is irrelevant. Moreover, the information need not be confidential.

Moreover is very formal. In everyday English, people use what’s more or also instead:
The rent is reasonable and, what’s more, the location is perfect.

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