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mostly /ˈməʊstli $ ˈmoʊst-/ adverb

بیشتر ، اساسا"
Synonyms: generally, as a rule, chiefly, largely, mainly, on the whole, predominantly, primarily, principally, usually
Related Idioms: for the most part

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mostly S2 W3 /ˈməʊstli $ ˈmoʊst-/ adverb
used to talk about most members of a group, most occasions, most parts of something etc Synonym : mainly:
Green teas are mostly from China or Japan.
There were about fifteen people in the lounge, mostly women.
He blamed his parents. Mostly he blamed his dad.

In written English, people often prefer to use generally or for the most part rather than mostly, because they sound more formal:
Many tourists visit the region, generally for skiing.
The inhabitants of the village are for the most part elderly.

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BAD: We see each other mostly every day.
GOOD: We see each other almost every day.
BAD: Mostly every family has a television.
GOOD: Nearly every family has a television.

Usage Note:
Use almost/nearly with all/every/everyone etc (NOT mostly ): 'Almost everyone in the office has had a cold recently.'
Compare: 'The students here are mostly Swiss or German.' (= most of the students here ... )

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