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motorway /ˈməʊtəweɪ $ ˈmoʊtər-/ noun [countable]

اتوراه ، عمران: راه ماشین رو ، معماری: شاهراه
motorway S2 /ˈməʊtəweɪ $ ˈmoʊtər-/ noun [countable]
British English a very wide road for travelling fast over long distances, especially between cities ⇒ expressway, freeway, highway, interstate

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ADJ. busy | four-lane, three-lane, etc. | orbital, urban the M25 London orbital motorway
VERB + MOTORWAY join | leave, turn off | build
MOTORWAY + NOUN driving, traffic | network, system | bridge, junction | service area/station | crash, pile-up Five people have been killed in a motorway pile-up.
PREP. along the ~ driving along the motorway
down the ~ He sang as he rattled down the motorway.
off the ~, onto the ~, on the ~, up the ~ | ~ from, ~ to We were on the motorway to London.

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drive on/along/down the motorway
He was driving along the motorway at a steady sixty miles an hour.
get on/off the motorway
We got on the motorway near Watford.
join the motorway (=get on the motorway)
Traffic will be diverted through Hamilton before joining the motorway.
leave the motorway
A few miles further on they left the motorway.
turn off the motorway (=leave the motorway)
We forgot to turn off the motorway and ended up in London.
The motorway is always busy around Birmingham.
a major motorway
Two of Britain's major motorways pass through Nottingham.
a six-lane/eight-lane etc motorway
There are plans to build a new six-lane motorway through the area.
motorway driving
Is motorway driving included in the driving test?
motorway traffic
the constant noise of motorway traffic
a motorway crash
Six people were killed in a motorway crash.
a motorway pile-up (=when several cars on a motorway crash into each other)
a news report of a motorway pile-up on the M25
a motorway junction (=a place where you can join or leave the motorway)
Their stores are all situated near major motorway junctions.
a stretch/section of motorway
This stretch of motorway is always very busy.

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