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move   over  

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move over phrasal verb (see also move)

1. to change position so that there is more space for someone else:
Move over a little, so I can get in.

2. to start using a different system, doing a different type of work etc
move over to
Most companies have moved over to computer-aided design systems.

3. to change jobs, especially within the same organization or industry
move over from
The company’s new publisher just moved over from Villard Books.

4. move over Madonna/Walt Disney/CD-ROMs etc used when saying that something new is becoming more popular than something older – used humorously:
Move over, Armani, there’s a new designer taking the fashion scene by storm.

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move over
to stop having a job, rank, or condition.
Kurt said that it was time to move over and let younger players have a chance to play professionally.

Move over “Star Wars” – “Titanic” is now the movie with the biggest earnings in North America.

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