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movie /ˈmuːvi/ noun [countable]

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Synonyms: film, feature, flick (slang), picture
Related Words: cinematics, cinematography

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movie S2 W2 /ˈmuːvi/ noun [countable] especially American English

1. a film made to be shown at the cinema or on television:
It was like one of those old John Wayne movies.
in a movie
She once played the innocent victim in a horror movie.
movie about
a movie about two gay teenagers who fall in love

2. the movies
a) the cinema:
We took the kids to the movies.
In those days, we went to the movies every week.
at the movies
Why were you at the movies all by yourself?
b) films in general, and the events in them
in (the) movies
He couldn’t believe his luck. It was the sort of thing that only happened in the movies.
c) the business of producing films:
a career in the movies

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ADJ. good, great, wonderful | classic, cult | blockbuster/blockbusting, hit, smash-hit, successful | big, big-budget, top | low-budget | television/TV | home We watched a home movie of my second birthday party.
in-flight | silent | action, disaster, gangster, horror, war, etc. | blue, dirty, porn/porno
VERB + MOVIE see, watch | go to (see), take sb to (see) I'd never go to a movie alone.
direct, make, produce, shoot
MOVIE + VERB be based on sth a movie based on the novel by Betty Munn
be called sth, be entitled sth a movie entitled ‘Short Legs’
star sb
MOVIE + NOUN actor, actress, director, maker, mogul, people, producer, star The former footballer is now mixing with movie people in Hollywood.
audience | fan | premiere | company | business, industry, world | career | channel | score, script | rights the movie rights to her autobigraphy
version the movie version of the well-known novel
camera | poster
PREP. ~ about a movie about the life of Castro

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watch/see a movie
We watched the movie and ate popcorn.
go to a movie
How about going to a movie?
take in a movie American English (=go to see a movie)
Maybe we could go out to dinner and take in a movie.
appear in/be in a movie
She’s also appeared in ten movies.
star in a movie (=play one of the main characters)
Depp will star in director Tim Burton’s next movie.
a movie stars/features somebody
a movie starring Will Smith
make/shoot a movie
The children have made their own movies for the contest.
direct a movie
He wrote and directed the movie.
show/screen a movie
What movies are they showing this weekend?
a movie is released (=becomes available for the public to see)
The movie has already been released in the US.
an old movie
She was watching an old movie on television.
a classic movie (=an old movie that is very good)
a scene from the classic movie ‘Casablanca’
a hit movie (=a successful movie)
He has directed a string of hit movies.
a cult movie (=one that a small group of people like very much and watch often)
a showing of the cult movie ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’
a big-budget/low-budget movie (=one that cost a lot of money to make, or very little money to make)
He won a role in a big-budget movie.
the movie industry
How did you get started in the movie industry?
a movie star
She looked like a movie star.
a movie director
He and his wife are both movie directors.
a movie producer
He started out as an actor, then became a movie producer.
a movie premiere (=the first showing of a movie)
She wore the dress to a movie premiere.
a movie camera
Do you know how to operate a movie camera?
a movie screen
It was strange to see herself up there on the movie screen.

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