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mushroom /ˈmʌʃruːm, -rʊm/ noun [countable]

قارچ ، سماروغ ، بسرعت رویاندن ، بسرعت ایجاد کردن
Synonyms: explode, blow up, burst, detonate, go off

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I. mushroom1 S3 /ˈmʌʃruːm, -rʊm/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: mousseron, from Latin mussirio]
one of several kinds of fungus with stems and round tops, some of which can be eaten ⇒ toadstool:
mushroom soupmagic mushroom

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II. mushroom2 verb [intransitive]
to grow and develop very quickly:
New housing developments mushroomed on the edge of town.

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ADJ. edible | poisonous | cultivated | wild | button, chestnut, field, oyster, porcini, shiitake | dried | hallucinogenic, magic, psychedelic | garlic
VERB + MUSHROOM eat, have I'll have the garlic mushrooms for a starter.
cultivate, grow | pick They went into the woods to pick wild mushrooms.
chop, slice Slice the mushrooms and add to the salad.
cook, fry
MUSHROOM + NOUN compost | omelette, sauce, soup | cloud
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