musical chairs
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ˌmusical ˈchairs noun [uncountable]

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musical   chairs  

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ˌmusical ˈchairs noun [uncountable]

1. a children’s game in which all the players must sit down on a chair when the music stops, but there is always one chair less than the number of people playing

2. a situation in which people change jobs for no good reason or with no useful result:
Scott is now the finance director, after a long game of musical chairs among top management.

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musical chairs
the transfer of people in an organization into different jobs - especially each other's jobs
They seem to be playing musical chairs at the company as people move from one position to another position.

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musical chairs
n. phr. (Originally the name of a children's game.) The transfer of a number of officers in an organization into different jobs, especially each other's jobs.
The boss regularly played musical chairs with department heads to keep them fresh on the job.

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