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nappy /ˈnæpi/ noun (plural nappies) [countable]

(درفرش) کلفت و پرزدار ، خواب دار ، قدری مست ، لول ، چموش ، ابجوی قوی
nappy /ˈnæpi/ noun (plural nappies) [countable] British English
[Date: 1900-2000; Origin: napkin]
a piece of soft cloth or paper worn by a baby between its legs and fastened around its waist to hold its liquid and solid waste Synonym : diaper American English:
Excuse me while I change the baby’s nappy.
a dirty nappy
disposable nappies (=nappies which are made to be used once and thrown away)
nappy rash (=sore skin caused by wet nappies)

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ADJ. clean | wet | dirty, soiled | disposable | washable | cloth, terry
VERB + NAPPY have on, wear | change | put on | remove, take off | wash | dispose of
NAPPY + NOUN change, changing | liner | pin | rash
PREP. in ~ Isn't he rather old to be still in nappies?
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wear a nappy
She doesn't wear nappies anymore; she's toilet trained.
have a nappy on
He was three and a half, so he didn't have a nappy on.
change a nappy (=take off a baby's dirty nappy and put on a clean one)
My husband hardly ever changes the baby's nappies.
put on a nappy (=put a nappy on a baby)
I put a clean nappy on her half an hour ago.
take off a nappy (=take off a baby's nappy)
Come on, let's take this dirty nappy off.
Where shall I put the dirty nappy?
She had been left in a wet nappy all day.
I changed him into a dry nappy.
a disposable nappy (=one that is meant to be used once and thrown away)
Disposable nappies are harmful to the environment.
a cloth nappy (=one made of cloth, that you can wash and use again)
New cloth nappies are easily washable.
nappy rash (=sore skin caused by wet nappies)
He's got really bad nappy rash at the moment.
be out of nappies (=to no longer wear nappies, but use the toilet instead)
Is George out of nappies yet?

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