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narrow /ˈnærəʊ $ -roʊ/ adjective

تنگ ، دراز و باریک ، کم پهنا ، باریک کردن ، محدود کردن ، کوته فکر
مهندسی صنایع: تنگ ، کم پهنا ، کم دامنه

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- thin, attenuated, fine, slender, slim, spare, tapering
- limited, close, confined, constricted, contracted, meagre, restricted, tight
- insular, dogmatic, illiberal, intolerant, narrow-minded, partial, prejudiced, small-minded
- tighten, constrict, limit, reduce
Antonyms: broad
Contrasted words: forbearing, indulgent, lenient, tolerant
Related Words: inexorable, inflexible, obdurate

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I. narrow1 S3 W2 /ˈnærəʊ $ -roʊ/ adjective
[Language: Old English; Origin: nearu]

1. NOT WIDE measuring only a small distance from one side to the other, especially in relation to the length Antonym : widebroad
narrow street/road/path etc
a long narrow road
the narrow passage between the cottage and the house
his narrow bed
The stairs were very narrow.
a long, narrow band of cloud

2. narrow escape a situation in which you only just avoid danger, difficulties, or trouble:
A woman had a narrow escape yesterday when her car left the road.
He was shaken by his narrow escape from death.

3. narrow victory/defeat/majority/margin etc a win etc that is only just achieved or happens by only a small amount ⇒ slim:
The president won a narrow victory in the election.
He persuaded a narrow majority of the party to support the government.
Scotland eventually won the match by the narrow margin of 5–4.

The expression a narrow victory/defeat is used mostly in writing. In everyday British English, people often say that someone only just won/lost or, in everyday American English, barely won/lost.

4. IDEAS/ATTITUDES a narrow attitude or way of looking at a situation is too limited and does not consider enough possibilities Antonym : broad:
You’ve got a very narrow view of life.
Some teachers have a narrow vision of what art is.narrow-minded

5. narrow sense/definition a meaning of a word that is exact or limited Antonym : broad:
I use the word ‘neighbour’ in its more precise or narrower sense.

6. LIMITED limited in range or number of things Antonym : broad:
The company offered only a narrow range of financial services.
—narrowness noun [uncountable]
narrowly, narrows, ⇒ the straight and narrow at straight3(2)

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

II. narrow2 verb [intransitive and transitive]

1. to make something narrower, or to become narrower Antonym : widen:
He narrowed his eyes and gazed at the horizon.
The track divided into two and narrowed.

2. if a range, difference etc narrows, or if something narrows it, it becomes less Antonym : widen:
The choice of goods available is narrowing.
The economic gap between the two halves of the country was beginning to narrow.
narrow something ↔ down phrasal verb
to reduce the number of things included in a range:
The police have narrowed down their list of suspects.
narrow something ↔ down to
I’ve narrowed it down to one of two people.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. not wide
VERBS be, look, seem | become, get
ADV. extremely, very | a bit, fairly, quite, rather, relatively The pass gets quite narrow towards the east.

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II. limited
VERBS be, seem | become
ADV. excessively, extremely, peculiarly, very | increasingly | comparatively, fairly, quite, rather, relatively, somewhat
PREP. in people who are rather narrow in outlook

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

I. of a road/river/gap/range
ADV. considerably | a bit, a little, slightly The river narrows a little here.
sharply The gap between the two parties narrowed sharply in the days before the election.
PREP. to By the final round the gap had narrowed to three votes.

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II. of eyes
ADV. fractionally, slightly Though her eyes narrowed fractionally, she made no comment.
suddenly | dangerously, shrewdly, speculatively, suspiciously, thoughtfully The blue eyes narrowed thoughtfully.
PREP. against Her eyes narrowed against the sun.
at His eyes suddenly narrowed at the sight of her.
to His eyes narrowed to slits.
with His eyes narrowed with suspicion.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

BAD: When immersed in water, the cloth narrows.
GOOD: When immersed in water, the cloth shrinks.

Usage Note:
narrow (of roads, rivers, etc) = become less wide: 'Just beyond the bend, the river begins to narrow.'
shrink (especially of cloth) = become smaller as a result of being wet or placed in water: 'I suggest you buy the larger size just in case it shrinks.'

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