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nearly /ˈnɪəli $ ˈnɪrli/ adverb

تقریبا ، فریبا
Synonyms: almost, approximately, as good as, just about, practically, roughly, virtually, well-nigh
Related Idioms: as near as never mind(s), in effect, in essence, in substance, in the main, nigh on (or onto or upon), to all (practical) intents and purposes
Related Words: virtually
English Thesaurus: almost, nearly, not quite, practically/virtually, practically all/everything/everyone etc, ...

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nearly S1 W1 /ˈnɪəli $ ˈnɪrli/ adverb

1. especially British English almost, but not quite or not completely Synonym : almost:
It took nearly two hours to get here.
Michelle’s nearly twenty.
Is the job nearly finished?
Louise is nearly as tall as her mother.
I nearly always go home for lunch.
He very nearly died.

2. not nearly not at all:
He’s not nearly as good-looking as his brother.
We’ve saved some money, but it’s not nearly enough.

Do not use nearly before negative words like 'no', 'nothing' etc. Instead, use almost, or say hardly any, hardly anything etc:
I know almost nothing (NOT nearly nothing) about him.
There was hardly any traffic (NOT nearly no traffic).

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BAD: In the countryside there is nearly no pollution.
GOOD: In the countryside there is hardly any pollution.

Usage Note:
Instead of saying nearly no/nobody/never etc, use hardly any/anybody/ever etc: 'Hardly any of my friends are married.' 'Hardly anybody objected to the idea.'

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