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neighbour , neighbor /ˈneɪbə $ -bər/ noun [countable]

(neighbor) همسایه ، نزدیک ، مجاور ، همسایه شدن با
neighbour S2 W2 British English, neighbor American English /ˈneɪbə $ -bər/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: neahgebur]

1. someone who lives next to you or near you:
One of the neighbors complained about the noise from the party.
FBI agents were interviewing all their friends and neighbors.
Our next-door neighbours (=the people who live in the house next to us) say they’ll look after our cat for us while we’re away.

2. a country that is next to another one ⇒ bordering:
Israel and its Arab neighbours

3. someone or something that is next to another person or thing of the same type:
The teacher saw Phil passing a note to his neighbour.
The garden was divided from its neighbour by a high wall.

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ADJ. friendly, good She's been a very good neighbour to me.
close, immediate, near, next-door They are near neighbours of ours.
nearest She leaned towards her nearest neighbour and whispered something.
northern, southern, etc. England's northern neighbour now has its own parliament.
PHRASES friends and neighbours

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