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neither /ˈnaɪðə $ ˈniːðər/ determiner, pronoun

نه این و نه ان ، هیچیک از این دو
I. neither1 W3 /ˈnaɪðə $ ˈniːðər/ determiner, pronoun
not one or the other of two people or things ⇒ either:
‘Would you like tea or coffee?’ ‘Neither, thanks.’
It was a game in which neither team deserved to win.
neither of
Neither of them can cook.
Thompson had two strategies, neither of which seems to have worked very well.
We asked both John and Jerry, but neither one could offer a satisfactory explanation.

Neither is used before a singular noun. Use a singular verb after it:
Neither answer is right.
Neither of is used before a plural noun or pronoun. In formal speech and writing, use a singular verb after it:
Neither of us speaks Spanish. In informal speech and writing, you can use a plural verb:
Neither of us are students.

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II. neither2 S2 W3 adverb
used to show that a negative statement is also true about another person or thing ⇒ either
neither does/can/will etc somebody
‘I don’t have any money.’ ‘Neither do I.’
Tom didn’t believe a word she said, and neither did the police.
‘I don’t like horror movies.’ ‘Me neither.’

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III. neither3 conjunction

1. neither ... nor ... used when mentioning two things that are not true or possible:
Neither Oleg’s mother nor his father spoke English.
The equipment is neither accurate nor safe.
Do not say 'neither ... or ...'. Say neither ... nor ... or not ... or ...:
Neither he nor his wife enjoyed the vacation.
Most computer users do not know or wish to know about how their computers work.

2. be neither here nor there spoken used to say that something is not important because it does not affect a fact or situation Synonym : irrelevant:
The fact that she needed the money for her children is neither here nor there – it’s still stealing.

3. be neither one thing nor the other spoken used to say that something or someone cannot be described as either one of two types of thing or person, but is somewhere in the middle of the two:
The New York Times is neither one thing nor the other. It’s not really a city newspaper and it’s not really a national newspaper either.

4. formal used to add another negative statement about someone or something Synonym : nor:
The authorities were not sympathetic to the students’ demands, neither would they tolerate any disruption.

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BAD: Inside the examination room we could neither smoke or talk.
GOOD: Inside the examination room we could neither smoke nor talk.
BAD: His parents neither shouted at him or smacked him.
GOOD: His parents neither shouted at him nor smacked him.

Usage Note:
neither ... nor ... (NOT neither ... or ... ): 'The sales assistant was neither friendly nor helpful.'
Compare: 'You can either come with me or wait here.'

BAD: I have neither studied the language nor the culture.
GOOD: I have studied neither the language nor the culture.

Usage Note:
Neither should be placed immediately before the first of the connected items and nor immediately before the second. Compare: 'I have neither studied nor experienced the culture.'

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BAD: Neither John's father nor mine couldn't understand the problem.
GOOD: Neither John's father nor mine could understand the problem.

Usage Note:
After neither and neither ... nor ... the verb is affirmative (NOT negative): 'Neither applicant had the right qualifications.' 'Neither the teachers nor the students had been informed.'

BAD: Neither teachers are coming.
GOOD: Neither teacher is coming.
GOOD: Neither of the teachers is coming.

Usage Note:
After neither + singular noun, the verb is singular: 'Neither player wants a transfer.'
After neither of + plural noun, careful users prefer a singular verb: 'Neither of the players wants a transfer.' Some people use a plural verb, especially in informal styles: 'Neither of the players want a transfer.'

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