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never /ˈnevə $ -ər/ adverb

هرگز ، هیچگاه ، هیچ وقت ، هیچ ، ابدا ، حاشا
Synonyms: at no time, not at all, on no account, under no circumstances
Antonyms: always
Contrasted words: constantly, continuously, ever, invariably, perpetually
Related Idioms: never in all one's born days, never in one's life, never in the world, never on earth
English Thesaurus: never, never ever, not once, not/never for a moment, not/never in a million years, ...

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never S1 W1 /ˈnevə $ -ər/ adverb
[Language: Old English; Origin: næfre, from ne- 'not' + æfre 'ever']

1. not at any time, or not once:
He’s never been to Australia.
I’m never going back there again, not as long as I live.
It is never too late to give up smoking.
never had/did/was etc
Never had she been so confused.
never ever (=used to emphasize what you are saying)
I’ll never ever forgive him for leaving me.
Never again (=never after a particular time) would he return to Naples.
never in all my life (=used to emphasize how bad something was)
Never in all my life have I felt so humiliated.
never for one moment (=used to emphasize that you never thought something)
She had never for one moment imagined that it could happen to her.
somebody/something has never been known to do something (=used to say that something is strange because it has never happened before)
Max had never been known to leave home without telling anyone.
Do not use another negative word (eg 'not') with never. If you use 'not', use ever:
She might never forgive you OR She might not ever forgive you (NOT She might not never forgive you).

2. you never know spoken used to say that something which seems unlikely may happen:
Try it! You never know, you might be lucky.

3. I never knew (that) spoken used to mean that you did not know something until now:
I never knew you played the guitar!

4. never so much as used to emphasize that someone did not do something, especially when this seems surprising:
I do everything for him, and he’s never so much as made me a cup of coffee.

5. that would/will never do spoken used to say that you would not want something to happen:
Someone might discover our secret and that would never do.

6. never! British English spoken used when you are very surprised by something:
‘They’re getting married next month.’ ‘Never!’
He’s never going to cycle all the way to Manchester!
Well I never! I wouldn’t have thought she was that old!

7. (no) I never! British English spoken used to say that you did not do something bad that someone has said you did. Many teachers think this is not correct English:
‘You cheated, didn’t you?’ ‘No, I never.’

8. never say never informal used to say that you should not say that you will never do something, because there is always a small possibility that you might do it

9. never say die used to encourage someone not to give up

10. never fear spoken old-fashioned used to tell someone not to worry:
She’ll be back, never fear.
never the twain shall meet at twain(2)

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

BAD: I asked him to never arrive late.
GOOD: I asked him never to arrive late.

Usage Note:
Never and not usually go immediately in front of a to infinitive: 'He's promised never to do it again.'

BAD: You never can get really good beef in our local supermarket.
GOOD: You can never get really good beef in our local supermarket.

BAD: My father did never have the opportunity to go to university.
GOOD: My father never had the opportunity to go to university.

Usage Note:
Do is often used with not to make negative statements: 'I didn't answer the letter.' 'She doesn't invite strangers.' However, do is NOT used in this way with never : 'I never answered the letter.' 'She never invites strangers.'
The exception to this rule is when do is used for emphasis: 'You never did tell me why you decided to leave your last job.'

BAD: She said some of the rudest things I have never heard in all my life.
GOOD: She said some of the rudest things I have ever heard in all my life.

Usage Note:
never = at no time: 'I've never met his wife.' 'I had never met his wife before yesterday.'
ever = at any time: 'Have you ever met his wife?'
Note that ever is often used after a superlative: 'His wife is the kindest person I've ever met.'

BAD: 'Nobody will never find me,' he thought.
GOOD: 'Nobody will ever find me,' he thought.

Usage Note:
After nobody/nothing/rarely and other words with a negative meaning, use ever (NOT never ): 'After she won the national lottery, nothing was ever the same again.'

BAD: Never I had seen such an ugly face.
GOOD: Never had I seen such an ugly face.

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