new deal
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ˌNew ˈDeal, the

سیاست جدید ، نیودیل ، قرار جدید ، برنامه روزولت ، قانون ـ فقه: روش سیاسی جدیدی که از دوران روزولت اعمال ان از طرف دولت ایالات متحده امریکا شروع شد ، بازرگانی: برنامه توسعه اقتصادی فرانکلین روزولت پس از سالهای بعداز بحران بزرگ درامریکا که دران کمک به کشاورزی بازنشستگی و بیمه بیکاری و غیره گنجانیده شده است
ˌNew ˈDeal, the

1. a programme of economic and social changes that was introduced in the US by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, in order to help people who had lost their jobs or their property as a result of the Great Depression. It included money for farmers to borrow and an important programme of public works (=work on new roads, public buildings etc, paid for by the government)

2. a programme introduced in the UK by the Labour government in 1998, in order to help people without jobs, especially people who have been unemployed for a long time. It offers people new jobs or the opportunity to receive training.

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new deal
n., informal
1. A complete change; a fresh start.
People had been on the job too long; a new deal was needed to get things out of the old bad habits.
2. Another chance.
The boy asked for a new deal after he had been punished for fighting in school.

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