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newspaper /ˈnjuːsˌpeɪpə $ ˈnuːzˌpeɪpər/ noun

روزنامه نگاری کردن
کامپیوتر: روزنامه

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Synonyms: journal, magazine, organ, periodical, review
English Thesaurus: newspaper, paper, the press, the media, tabloid, ...

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newspaper S2 W2 /ˈnjuːsˌpeɪpə $ ˈnuːzˌpeɪpər/ noun

1. [countable] a set of large folded sheets of printed paper containing news, articles, pictures, advertisements etc which is sold daily or weekly Synonym : paper:
She had read about it in the newspaper.
a series of newspaper articles about life in Cuba

In everyday English, people often say paper rather than newspaper:
I saw an ad in the paper.

2. [uncountable] sheets of paper from old newspapers:
Wrap the plates in newspaper to stop them from breaking.
Bella laid the flowers out carefully on a sheet of newspaper.

3. [countable] a company that produces a newspaper:
He works for a local newspaper.

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ADJ. daily, evening, morning, Sunday, weekly | today's, yesterday's | independent, left-wing, right-wing | local, national, provincial, regional | broadsheet, quality | tabloid | popular | financial | folded, rolled-up
QUANT. copy Have you got a copy of yesterday's newspaper?
edition today's edition of the newspaper
VERB + NEWSPAPER buy, get, take Do you take a daily newspaper?
flick through, read | print, produce, publish | edit, write for/in | appear in Her article appeared in the Saturday newspaper.
get into
NEWSPAPER + VERB come out The newspaper comes out every Saturday.
NEWSPAPER + NOUN article, clipping, column, coverage, cutting | baron, magnate, owner | correspondent, editor, reporter | kiosk, shop, stand
PREP. in a/the ~ an article in a local newspaper
on a/the ~ She got a job on a national newspaper.

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read a newspaper
Which newspaper do you read?
get a newspaper (=buy one regularly)
We don’t get a newspaper; we tend to watch the news on TV.
see/read something in the newspaper
I saw in the newspaper that he had died.
appear in a newspaper
Her photo appeared in all the newspapers.
a newspaper reports something (=has an article on something)
The newspapers reported that the police were treating the death as a suicide.
a national newspaper
The story was in all the national newspapers.
a local newspaper
The store advertises in the local newspaper.
a daily/weekly/Sunday newspaper (=one that is published every day/week/Sunday)
Do you get a daily newspaper?
a tabloid newspaper (=a small-sized newspaper, especially one with not much serious news)
Their wedding made the headlines in all the tabloid newspapers.
a quality newspaper British English (=a newspaper with a lot of serious news and good writing)
The story has not been given as much coverage in the quality newspapers.
a newspaper article/report/story
I read quite an interesting newspaper report on the war.
a newspaper headline
‘Wine is good for you’ announced a recent newspaper headline.
a newspaper column (=a regular article in a newspaper written by a particular journalist)
She writes a regular newspaper column about gardening.
a newspaper clipping/cutting (=a story cut out of a newspaper)
I found some old newspaper cuttings of the band's first concert in Liverpool.
a newspaper reporter
She was fed up with being followed by newspaper reporters.
a newspaper editor
Newspaper editors have a lot of power.
a newspaper proprietor British English (=owner)
Ultimately, it’s the newspaper proprietor who decides what goes into the newspaper.

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