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next /nekst/ determiner, adjective

دیگر ، اینده ، پهلویی ، جنبی ، مجاور ، نزدیک ترین ، پس ازان ، سپس ، بعد ، جنب ، کنار ، کامپیوتر: نکست
الکترونیک: نکست ، کامپیوتر: بعد، دیگر، اینده ، پهلویی ، جنبی ، مجاور، نزدیک ترین ، پس ازان ، سپس ، بعد، جنب ، کنار کامپیوتر: بعد

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- following, consequent, ensuing, later, subsequent, succeeding
- nearest, adjacent, adjoining, closest, neighbouring
- afterwards, following, later, subsequently, thereafter
Related Words: proximate
English Thesaurus: later, following, future, subsequent, succeeding, ...

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Next trademark
a British shop which sells fashionable and good-quality clothes for adults and children. There are Next shops in many UK towns, but the company also sells some of its products by means of a catalogue, the Next Directory. Customers can order goods from the catalogue by telephone.

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I. next1 S1 W1 /nekst/ determiner, adjective

1. the next event, day, time etc is the one that happens after the present one, or the previous one:
I just missed my flight to Chicago. When’s the next one?
We’ll look at the proposals at the next meeting.
Over the next couple of months, try to relax more and get more exercise.
next week/year/Monday etc
We’re hoping to open the factory some time next year.
the next day/week etc (=on or during the following day, week etc)
She called me and we arranged to meet the next day.
(the) next time
Next time I go skiing, I’ll wear warmer clothes.

2. the next house, room, place etc is the one that is nearest to where you are now:
Turn left at the next corner.
We could hear them arguing in the next to

3. the next person or thing in a list, series etc comes after the one that you are dealing with now:
Read the next two chapters before Friday.
Do they have the next size up (=a slightly bigger size)?

4. next biggest/most common etc almost as big, more common etc than the one you are talking about:
Cancer-related diseases are the next biggest killers.

5. the next best thing the thing or situation that is almost as good as the one you really want:
If I can’t be home for Christmas, phoning you on the day is the next best thing.

6. the next thing I/she etc knew informal used when something surprising happens very suddenly:
The next thing I knew, I was lying face down on the pavement.

7. as the next man/person as any other man or person:
I am as keen to do well as the next man.

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II. next2 S1 W1 adverb

1. immediately afterwards:
With John here, you never know what will happen next.
Next, put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

2. the next time:
When I next saw her she completely ignored me.

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III. next3 pronoun

1. the person or thing in a list, series etc that comes after the person or thing you are dealing with now:
What’s next on the shopping list?
the next to do something
Who will be the next to go?

2. the day/week etc after next the day, week etc that follows the next one:
Have you remembered it’s Susie’s birthday the week after next?

3. the next to last the one before the last one:
the next to last day of their visit

4. next (please) used to tell someone that it is now their turn to speak or their turn to do something

5. be next in line to be the next person, especially to have a job or position

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BAD: I'm looking forward to seeing you on next Sunday.
GOOD: I'm looking forward to seeing you next Sunday.
BAD: I have some spare time this week but the next week I'll have to start work.
GOOD: I have some spare time this week but next week I'll have to start work.

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