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ˈnext to preposition

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next to
Synonyms: beside, alongside, by, fornent
English Thesaurus: next to, beside, by, next door, alongside, ...

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ˈnext to preposition

1. very close to someone or something, with no other person, building, place etc in between:
There was a little girl sitting next to him.

2. next to nothing very little:
He knows next to nothing about antiques.

3. used to give a list of things you like, hate etc in order to say what is first on the list:
Next to soccer, I like playing tennis best.

4. in comparison with someone or something:
Next to her, I’m a very poor cook.

5. next to impossible/useless etc almost impossible, useless etc:
This crossword puzzle is next to impossible.

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next to
It is supposed to be next to impossible to escape from a high-tech, maximum security prison.

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next to
next to1 adv. Almost; nearly.
It was next to impossible to believe that in a month the grass would be green and flowers would be blooming.
It was next to unthinkable that the boy would steal.
next to2 prep. Just after; second to.
Next to his family, baseball was his greatest love.
Next to pizza, Bob liked hamburger best.

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