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nicely /ˈnaɪsli/ adverb

نکته باریک ، باریک بینی ، چیز لذیذ ، نازکی ، باریکی
- pleasantly, acceptably, agreeably, attractively, charmingly, delightfully, pleasurably, well
- kindly, amiably, commendably, courteously, politely
- neatly, daintily, finely, tidily, trimly

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nicely S3 /ˈnaɪsli/ adverb

1. WELL in a satisfactory, pleasant, or attractive way:
He was handsome and nicely dressed.
The table fits in nicely with the rest of the furniture.
The wound healed up nicely.
The garden’s coming along very nicely now (=it is growing well).

2. IN A PLEASANT/FRIENDLY WAY in a pleasant, polite, or friendly way:
I’m sure he’ll help if you ask him nicely.

3. be doing nicely British English to be successful and be earning a lot of money:
The business is doing quite nicely.
Ed’s doing very nicely for himself out in Japan.

4. that will do nicely British English spoken used when saying that something is very suitable and is just what you want:
‘Will cheese sandwiches be okay?’ ‘Yes, that’ll do nicely.’

5. EXACTLY formal exactly or carefully:
a nicely calculated distance

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