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nightclub /ˈnaɪtklʌb/ noun [countable]

کاباره رفتن
Synonyms: bistro, cabaret, café, discotheque, hot spot, nightery, night spot, nitery, supper club, watering hole, watering place

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nightclub /ˈnaɪtklʌb/ noun [countable]
a place where people go to dance and drink, which is open late at night

In everyday English, people often say club rather than nightclub:
Do want to go out to a club afterwards?

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ADJ. top a top London nightclub
VERB + NIGHTCLUB go to | run
NIGHTCLUB + NOUN bouncer, owner, singer, staff
PREP. at a/the ~ She's performing at a nightclub in Paris.
in a/the ~ He was murdered in a London nightclub.

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