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nobody /ˈnəʊbədi $ ˈnoʊbɑːdi, -bədi/ pronoun

هیچ کس ، هیچ فرد ، ادم بی اهمیت ، ادم گمنام
- no-one
- nonentity, cipher, lightweight (informal), menial
Antonyms: everybody, somebody

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I. nobody1 S1 W2 /ˈnəʊbədi $ ˈnoʊbɑːdi, -bədi/ pronoun

1. no one:
I knocked on the door but nobody answered.
Do not write this as ‘no body’.

2. like nobody’s business very much, very well, or very fast:
We get along like nobody’s business.
be nobody’s fool at fool1(5)

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II. nobody2 noun (plural nobodies) [countable]
someone who is not important and has no influence:
I was a nothing and a nobody with everything to prove.

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BAD: Nobody have complained about the noise.
GOOD: Nobody has complained about the noise.
BAD: When I arrived, there were nobody at home.
GOOD: When I arrived, there was nobody at home.

Usage Note:
nobody/no one + singular verb: 'Is nobody going to help you?'

BAD: He closed the door quietly so that nobody wouldn't hear him.
GOOD: He closed the door quietly so that nobody would hear him.

BAD: Nobody has done something yet.
GOOD: Nobody has done anything yet.

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See: it's an ill wind that blows nobody good

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