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non- /nɒn $ nɑːn/ prefix

پیشوندی است بمعنی> منفی <یا> خیر <و غیر
non- /nɒn $ nɑːn/ prefix
[Language: Old French; Origin: Latin non 'not']

1. [in adjectives, nouns, and adverbs] used to say that someone or something is not a particular thing, or does not do a particular thing:
non-British visitors
a non-smoker (=someone who does not smoke)
a non-stop flight (=one in which a plane flies from one place to another without stopping on the way)

2. [in nouns] used to refer to a situation where a particular action did not happen or will not happen:
non-payment of taxes
They were very disappointed at his non-appearance (=the fact that he did not go to an event where he was expected).

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