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nor /nɔː $ nɔːr/ conjunction, adverb
nor'- /nɔː $ nɔːr/ prefix

عملگر بولی که یک جدول صحت تولید می کند نایا ، نقیض یا ، نه این و نه ان ، هیچ یک (با neither و notبکار میرود) ، کامپیوتر: نفی جمع منطقی
الکترونیک: عملگر بولی که یک جدول صحت تولید می کند نایا ، نفی جمع منطقی ، کامپیوتر: نقیض یا، نه این و نه ان ، هیچ یک( با neither و notبکار میرود)

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nor S2 W1 /nɔː $ nɔːr/ conjunction, adverb
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: nother 'neither, nor' (13-19 centuries)]

1. neither ... nor ... used when mentioning two things that are not true or do not happen:
He can neither read nor write (=he cannot read or write).
Hilary was neither shocked nor surprised by the news.
Neither Matt nor Julie said anything.

2. formal used after a negative statement in order to introduce another negative statement containing a similar kind of information:
I don’t expect children to be rude, nor do I expect to be disobeyed.
It was not my fault, nor his.

3. British English used after a negative statement to say that the negative statement is also true for someone or something else:
‘I don’t want to go.’ ‘Nor do I.’
They couldn’t understand it at the time, and nor could we.

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nor'- /nɔː $ nɔːr/ prefix
a prefix meaning ‘north’, used especially by sailors:

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See: neither fish nor fowl , neither here nor there , neither hide nor hair

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