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novel /ˈnɒvəl $ ˈnɑː-/ noun [countable]
novel adjective [usually before noun]

نو ، جدید ، بدیع ، رمان ، کتاب داستان
Synonyms: story, fiction, narrative, romance, tale
Synonyms: new, different, fresh, innovative, original, strange, uncommon, unfamiliar, unusual
Contrasted words: customary, habitual, usual, common, familiar, ordinary
Related Words: different, odd, peculiar, singular, special, strange, uncommon, unfamiliar, unique, unusual
English Thesaurus: new, brand new, recent, the latest, modern, ...

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I. novel1 W3 /ˈnɒvəl $ ˈnɑː-/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Italian; Origin: novella; novella]
a long written story in which the characters and events are usually imaginary ⇒ fiction:
a novel by Jane Austen
It took Vikram Seth three years to write his 1,349-page novel ‘A Suitable Boy’.
detective/romantic/historical etc novel
a newly published science fiction novel

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II. novel2 adjective [usually before noun]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: 'new', from Latin novellus, from novus 'new']
not like anything known before, and unusual or interesting
novel idea/approach/method etc
What a novel idea!

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VERBS be, sound The scheme sounded rather novel.
ADV. extremely, very | completely, entirely, quite, totally, wholly | rather, relatively | essentially

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ADJ. hardback, paperback | first a prize for the best first novel of the year
latest, new | literary | best-selling, popular | acclaimed his critically acclaimed novel
famous | classic | contemporary, modern | nineteenth-century, Victorian | adult, children's | autobiographical | epistolary Samuel Richardson's novels are all epistolary in form.
adventure, comic, crime, detective, historical, satirical, spy, realist, romantic
QUANT. copy I took a copy of a Graham Greene novel on the train with me.
VERB + NOVEL produce, write | publish | read | accept (for publication), reject (for publication) Her first novel was finally accepted for publication.
translate | adapt adapting the novel for television
NOVEL + VERB be based on sth The novel was based on a true life story.
be set, take place The novel was set in a small village in France.
PREP. ~ about a novel about growing up

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