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nowhere /ˈnəʊweə $ ˈnoʊwer/ adverb

(nowheres) هیچ جا ، هیچ کجا ، در هیچ مکان
nowhere S2 /ˈnəʊweə $ ˈnoʊwer/ adverb

1. not in any place or to any place
nowhere to go/live/sit etc
I have no job and nowhere to live.
Nowhere is drug abuse more of a problem than in the US.

2. get/go nowhere to have no success or make no progress:
The proposal went nowhere in the Senate.
get nowhere with somebody/something
He was getting nowhere with the Bentley case.
get somebody nowhere
A negative attitude will get you nowhere.
I soon realized that being tough was getting me nowhere fast (=was not helping me achieve anything).

3. be nowhere to be seen/found (also be nowhere in sight) to not be in a place, or not be seen or found there:
Typical – another street crime and the police are nowhere to be seen.

4. nowhere near
a) a long way from a particular place:
He swore he was nowhere near her house on the night she died.
b) not at all
nowhere near ready/full/finished etc
The building’s nowhere near finished.
She’s nowhere near as pretty as you are.

5. out of/from nowhere happening or appearing suddenly and without warning:
In the last few seconds, Gunnell came from nowhere to win another gold medal.
From out of nowhere he asks me to marry him!

Do not use nowhere with another negative word (eg 'not'). Use anywhere:
You can’t smoke anywhere (NOT can’t smoke nowhere) in the building.

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