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nurse /nɜːs $ nɜːrs/ noun [countable]
nurse verb

حفظ یک گوی یا بیشتر در یک نقطه برای کسب امتیاز پی در پی (بیلیارد) ، دایه ، مهد ، پرورشگاه ، پروراندن ، پرستاری کردن ، شیر خوردن ، باصرفه جویی یا دقت بکار بردن ، ورزش: حفظ یک گوی یا بیشتر در یک نقطه برای کسب امتیاز پی در پی
- look after, care for, minister to, tend, treat
- breast-feed, feed, nourish, nurture, suckle, wet-nurse
- foster, cherish, cultivate, encourage, harbour, preserve, promote, succour, support
Contrasted words: check, hold back, retard, slow
Related Words: bottle-feed, feed, advance, forward, further, promote, humor, indulge, pamper
English Thesaurus: care, caution, prudence, vigilance, regard for something, ...

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I. nurse1 S2 W3 /nɜːs $ nɜːrs/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: nurse, nursery, nursing; verb: nurse]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: nurice, from Latin nutricius; nutritious]

1. someone whose job is to look after people who are ill or injured, usually in a hospital:
The nurse is coming to give you an injection.
The school nurse sent Sara home.
a male nurse
a senior nurse
a student nurse (=someone who is learning to be a nurse)
a psychiatric nurse (=a nurse for people who are mentally ill)
a community nursedistrict nurse, staff nurse

2. old-fashioned a woman employed to look after a young child Synonym : nanny
nursery nurse, wet nurse

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II. nurse2 verb
[Word Family: noun: nurse, nursery, nursing; verb: nurse]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: nursh 'to nourish' (14-16 centuries), from nourish; influenced by nurse1]

a) [transitive] to look after someone who is ill or injured:
He’s been nursing an elderly relative.
After Ray’s operation, Mrs Stallard nursed him back to health.
b) [intransitive usually in progressive] to work as a nurse:
She spent several years nursing in a military hospital.

2. REST [transitive not in passive] to rest when you have an illness or injury so that it will get better:
Shaw has been nursing an injury, and will not play on Sunday.

a) [intransitive and transitive] old-fashioned if a woman nurses a baby, she feeds it with milk from her breasts Synonym : breast-feed:
information on nutrition for nursing mothers
b) [intransitive] if a baby nurses, it sucks milk from its mother’s breast

4. YOUR FEELINGS [transitive not in passive] to keep a feeling or idea in your mind for a long time, especially an angry feeling
nurse a grudge/grievance/ambition etc
For years he had nursed a grievance against his former employer.

5. TAKE CARE OF SOMETHING [transitive] to take special care of something, especially during a difficult situation
nurse something through/along etc
He bought the hotel in 1927 and managed to nurse it through the Depression.

6. DRINK [transitive] informal if you nurse a drink, especially an alcoholic one, you drink it very slowly:
Oliver sat at the bar, nursing a bottle of beer.

7. HOLD [transitive] literary to hold something carefully in your hands or arms close to your body:
a child nursing a kitten

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ADJ. qualified, registered, trained | staff the children's ward staff nurse
ward | junior, senior | ancillary, auxiliary | student, trainee | male | day, night | community, district | hospital, practice, school This is a job for the school nurse.
private | specialist | maternity, psychiatric, triage, veterinary
NURSE + NOUN manager, practitioner, specialist, tutor | education
 ⇒ Note at JOB

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See: visiting nurse

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