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observe /əbˈzɜːv $ -ɜːrv/ verb

معاینه کردن ، اظهار عقیده کردن ، نظر دادن ، بجا اوردن ، دیدبانی کردن ، رعایت کردن ، مراعات کردن ، مشاهده کردن ، ملاحظه کردن ، دیدن ، گفتن ، برپاداشتن (جشن و غیره) ، قانون ـ فقه: رعایت کردن ، علوم نظامی: دیدن
- see, detect, discern, discover, note, notice, perceive, spot, witness
- watch, check, keep an eye on (informal), keep track of, look at, monitor, scrutinize, study, survey, view
- remark, comment, mention, note, opine, say, state
- honour, abide by, adhere to, comply, conform to, follow, heed, keep, obey, respect
Antonyms: break, violate
Related Words: revere, reverence, venerate
English Thesaurus: notice, detect, spot, become aware/conscious, can tell, ...

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observe W2 /əbˈzɜːv $ -ɜːrv/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: observer, from Latin observare 'to guard, watch', from servare 'to keep']

1. [transitive not in progressive] formal to see and notice something ⇒ observation:
Scientists have observed a drop in ozone levels over the Antarctic.
observe that
It was observed that 40 percent of patients had high blood pressure.
observe somebody doing something
Officers observed him driving at 90 miles per hour.
Predators have been observed to avoid attacking brightly coloured species.

In everyday English, people say that someone sees, notices, or spots something or someone:
She was spotted going into a restaurant with a well-known footballer.

2. [intransitive and transitive] to watch something or someone carefully:
The police have been observing his movements.
One student performs the experiment, while his partner observes.
observe what/how/where
Observe how the people in the group interact.

3. [transitive] formal to say or write what you have noticed about a situation:
‘Sid looks ill,’ Doherty observed.
observe that
Keynes observed that humans fall into two classes.

4. [transitive] to do what you are supposed to do according to a law or agreement Synonym : obey, adhere to:
So far the ceasefire has been observed by both sides.

5. [transitive] to do things and obey laws that are part of a religion or custom Synonym : follow

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I. notice/watch
ADV. carefully, closely | precisely | directly It is not possible to observe this phenomenon directly, but its effects can be seen in the rise in global temperatures.
actually It is the parents who actually observe these behavioural problems in their children.
just, simply You can learn a lot by simply observing.
generally, normally | quietly She stood there, quietly observing the domestic scene.
secretly | experimentally This phenomenon has been observed experimentally.
VERB + OBSERVE be able to | be possible | be difficult to | be interesting to It is interesting to observe the reaction of the children to these changes.
PREP. from unaware that she was being observed from the window
PHRASES be commonly/frequently/widely observed This behaviour is commonly observed among several species of finch.
be easily/readily observed, an opportunity to observe sb/sth

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II. make a remark
ADV. correctly, justly, rightly, shrewdly She correctly observed that there was very little difference between the two parties on domestic policies.
drily, sardonically, wryly | tartly | coldly, coolly ‘You took your time, ’ he observed coolly.
conversationally | mildly, quietly | sadly
PREP. to ‘It's easy for him to say that, ’ she observed tartly to Michael, ‘but can he prove it?’

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III. obey rules
ADV. correctly, faithfully, scrupulously, strictly This procedure must be correctly observed.
VERB + OBSERVE fail to
PHRASES failure to observe sth Failure to observe club rules may result in expulsion.

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