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obstacle /ˈɒbstəkəl $ ˈɑːb-/ noun [countable]

مانع ، رداع ، سد جلو راه ، محظور ، پاگیر ، روانشناسی: مانع ، علوم نظامی: پابند
Synonyms: difficulty, bar, barrier, block, hindrance, hitch, hurdle, impediment, obstruction, snag, stumbling block
Antonyms: advantage
Contrasted words: aid, assist, assistance, help
Related Words: clog, encumbrance, handicap, hindrance, bump, difficulty, hardship, vicissitude, catch, hitch, disincentive

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obstacle /ˈɒbstəkəl $ ˈɑːb-/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin obstaculum, from obstare 'to stand in the way, stand in front of']

1. something that makes it difficult to achieve something
obstacle to
Fear of change is an obstacle to progress.
The tax puts obstacles in the way of companies trying to develop trade overseas.
Women still have to overcome many obstacles to gain equality.
We want to remove all obstacles to travel between the two countries.
the single biggest obstacle to a Conservative victory in the next election
There are formidable obstacles on the road to peace.

2. an object which blocks your way, so that you must try to go around it

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ADJ. big, chief, main, major | enormous, formidable, serious The attitude of the unions is a serious obstacle.
impossible, insuperable, insurmountable Lack of money has proved an almost insurmountable obstacle.
VERB + OBSTACLE pose, prove, remain | come across, encounter | overcome, remove, surmount He was determined to overcome all obstacles in his way.
PREP. ~ for Lack of childcare provision can be a major obstacle for women wishing to work.
~ to The huge distances involved have proved an obstacle to communication between villages.
PHRASES an obstacle in the path/way (of sb/sth) The release of prisoners remains an obstacle in the path of a peace agreement.

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be an obstacle
This issue is a major obstacle to a successful peace treaty.
prove an obstacle (=be an obstacle)
The weather proved an obstacle, with nonstop rains flooding the field.
present/pose an obstacle (=cause an obstacle to exist)
Serious differences continue to present obstacles to an agreement.
Our reliance on fossil fuels poses an obstacle to achieving these targets.
overcome an obstacle (also surmount an obstacle formal) (=find a solution to an obstacle)
We need to help young people overcome the obstacles that poverty puts in their way.
remove an obstacle
Opening the border removed all obstacles to trade and travel between the two countries.
face an obstacle (=have to deal with an obstacle)
The investigation has faced numerous obstacles.
encounter an obstacle (=find that there is an obstacle)
People should not encounter obstacles because of their age, sex, race, or religion.
put/place obstacles in the way (=try to stop someone from doing something easily)
Her father put several obstacles in the way of their marriage.
a major/serious obstacle
Debt is a major obstacle to economic growth.
There are serious obstacles to obtaining sufficient funding.
a real obstacle (=a serious one)
The lack of oil and gas resources in Northeast Asia is a real obstacle to the region's economic development.
the main/biggest/greatest etc obstacle
The biggest obstacle to women's equality was social expectations of male and female roles.
an insuperable/insurmountable obstacle (=one that it is impossible to find a solution to)
The problem does not present an insurmountable obstacle.
There are no insuperable obstacles to the purchase of the company.
a formidable obstacle (=one that makes it very difficult to achieve something)
There are formidable obstacles to legal reform.
a legal/political/technical etc obstacle
Despite technical obstacles, scientists at NASA are considering the project.
an obstacle in the way/path
There were still a number of obstacles in the way of an agreement.

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