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occlude verb. [ǝ'klu:d]

بستن ، مسدود کردن ، خوردن ، علوم مهندسی: جذب کردن
Synonyms: fill, block, choke, clog, close, congest, obstruct, plug, stop, stopper

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oc·clude (ə-kld)
v. oc·clud·ed, oc·clud·ing, oc·cludes
v. tr.
To cause to become closed; obstruct:
occlude an artery.
To prevent the passage of:
occlude light; occlude the flow of blood.
Chemistry. To absorb or adsorb and retain (a substance).
Meteorology. To force (air) upward from the earth's surface, as when a cold front overtakes and undercuts a warm front.
Dentistry. To bring together (the upper and lower teeth) in proper alignment for chewing.
v. intr. Dentistry To close so that the cusps fit together. Used of the teeth of the upper and lower jaws.

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[Latin occlūdere : ob-, intensive pref.; see ob- + claudere, to close.]

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oc·cludent adj.

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