off balance


ˌoff-ˈbalance , off balance adjective [not before noun]

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off   balance  

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off balance
Synonyms: lopsided, asymmetric, disproportionate, irregular, nonsymmetrical, unbalanced, unequal, uneven, unproportionate, unsymmetrical

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ˌoff-ˈbalance , off balance adjective [not before noun]

1. in an unsteady position and likely to fall
throw/knock/push etc somebody off-balance
The sudden movement of the ship knocked them both off balance.

2. catch/throw somebody off-balance to surprise or shock someone because they are not prepared for something that happens:
I was thrown off-balance by some of the more difficult questions I was asked.

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off balance
surprised or confused.
Policy makers were caught off balance by the speed and success of Canada's efforts to ban the weapons.

Usage notes: often used with keep or throw:
The stories were part of an effort to keep the antiwar movement off balance.

Etymology: based on the literal meaning of off balance (= likely to fall)

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off balance
to be not prepared for something, to be unable to meet the unexpected
I was off balance when my boss asked me to deliver the speech instead of him.

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off balance
adj. phr.
1. Not in balance; not able to stand up straight and not fall; not able to keep from turning over or falling; unsteady.
Never stand up in a canoe; it will get off balance and turn over.
Paul was speeding along on his bicycle, when an unexpected hole in the road caught him off balance and he fell over.
2. Not prepared; not ready; unable to meet something unexpected.
Our quarterback kept the other team off balance by changing often from line plays to passes and tricky end runs.
The teacher's surprise test caught the class off balance, and nearly everyone got a poor mark.

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