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offence , offense /əˈfens/ noun
offense /əˈfens/ noun [uncountable and countable]
offense /ˈɒfens $ ˈɒːfens, ˈɑː-/ noun [uncountable]

تهاجم ، توپ اندازی و تلاش برای انداختن میله ، (offence) گناه ، تقصیر ، حمله ، یورش ، هجوم ، اهانت ، توهین ، دلخوری ، رنجش ، تجاوز ، قانون شکنی ، بزه
Synonyms: attack, aggression, assailment, assault, offensive, onfall, onset, onslaught, dudgeon, huff, miff, pique, resentment, snuff, umbrage, crime, misdeed
Contrasted words: delight, pleasure
Related Words: affront, indignity, insult, anger, indignation, displeasure, catfit, conniption, fit, tantrum, pet, tizzy, explosion, flare-up, outburst, scene

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I. offence S3 W2 British English, offense American English /əˈfens/ noun
[Word Family: noun: OFFENSE/OFFENSE, offender, offensive, offensiveness; adjective: offensiveinoffensive, offended, offending; verb: offend; adverb: offensively]

1. [countable] an illegal action or a crime:
His solicitor said he committed the offence because he was heavily in debt.
offence against
sexual offences against children

2. [uncountable] when you offend or upset someone by something you do or say
cause/give offence
The problem was how to say ‘no’ to her without causing offence.
Don’t be upset by what he said; he meant no offence (=did not intend to offend anyone).

3. no offence spoken used to tell someone that you hope that what you are going to say or do will not offend them:
No offense, but this cheese tastes like rubber.

4. take offence (at something) to feel offended because of something someone says or does:
I think he took offence at my lack of enthusiasm.

5. [uncountable] formal the act of attacking:
the weapon of offence used during the attack

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II. offense1 /əˈfens/ noun [uncountable and countable]
the usual American spelling of offence

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III. offense2 /ˈɒfens $ ˈɒːfens, ˈɑː-/ noun [uncountable] American English
the part of a game such as American football, which is concerned with getting points and winning, or the group of players who do this Antonym : defense:
The Bears are going to have to work on their offense this season.

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commit an offence (=do something that is against the law)
He had committed the offence of dangerous driving.
charge somebody with an offence
In that year, 367 people were charged with terrorist offences.
convict somebody of an offence (=say officially that they are guilty)
The number of women convicted of serious offences is fairly small.
admit an offence
He had admitted sex offences against children.
it is an offence to do something
It is an offence to carry a weapon in a public place.
an offence punishable by/with something
Possession of the drug is an offence punishable by up to one year’s imprisonment.
make something an offence/make it an offence to do something
The Act made it an offence to sell cigarettes to children under 16.
a criminal offence
It is a criminal offence to sell alcohol to someone under the age of 18.
a serious offence
serious offences such as murder or armed robbery
a minor offence
The police cautioned him for a minor offence.
a first offence
Because it was a first offence, she was not sent to prison.
a lesser offence (=one that is not as serious as another offence)
For rioting you can receive ten years in prison, while for the lesser offence of violent disorder you can receive five years in prison.
a federal offense American English (=a very serious offence against the law of the US, rather than against a state’s law)
The turtles are rare, and it is a federal offense to take them to another state.
a driving/parking/traffic offence
Speeding is the most common traffic offence.
a sex/drug/terrorist etc offence
Thirty-three people were charged with drug offences.
a punishable offence (=one that you can be punished for)
Lying in court is a punishable offense.
a capital offence (=one for which death is the punishment)
Drug smuggling was made a capital offense in 1987.
an arrestable/indictable offence (=one that you can be arrested for or must go to court for)
Indictable offences are tried by a jury in a Crown Court.

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