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offshoot /ˈɒfʃuːt $ ˈɒːf-/ noun [countable]

شاخه نورسته ، جوانه ، ترکه ، فرع ، انشعاب ، شعبه ، مشتق
Synonyms: by-product, adjunct, appendage, development, spin-off

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offshoot /ˈɒfʃuːt $ ˈɒːf-/ noun [countable]

1. something such as an organization which has developed from a larger or earlier one
offshoot of
The company was originally an offshoot of Bell Telephones.
the Mafia and its offshoots

2. a new stem or branch on a plant

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n. A derivative; a side product.
The discovery of nuclear reactors was ah offshoot of research in quantum physics.

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