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olive /ˈɒləv, ˈɒlɪv $ ˈɑː-/ noun

درخت زیتون ، رنگ زیتونی
olive /ˈɒləv, ˈɒlɪv $ ˈɑː-/ noun
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin oliva, from Greek elaia]

1. [countable] a small bitter egg-shaped black or green fruit, used as food and for making oil

2. [countable] (also olive tree) a tree that produces olives, grown especially in Mediterranean countries:
an olive grove

3. [uncountable] (also olive green) a deep yellowish green colour

4. olive skin/complexion skin colour that is typical of people from countries such as Greece, Italy, or Turkey

5. extend/offer/hold out etc an olive branch (to somebody) to do or say something in order to show that you want to end an argument with someone
—olive adjective:
an olive sweatshirt

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